Just ducky

Florida 85
Oregon 77

Wow, what a game. I wish I had recorded this one. I’m still trying to figure it out. Look at the different paces: slow, fast, slow:

Graph: Florida 85 Oregon 77

For about the first fifteen minutes, lots of pressure on both ends. I don’t think Florida wanted to try to outrun the Ducks. But toward the end of the first half, they did just that, continuing on into the second half. With about 12:00 left, Oregon really started bottling up the Gators, which was amazing considering they were in foul trouble. In fact, Florida took only four shots, and failed to score a field goal, in the last 8:17. But Brewer, Horford, and company were able to match Oregon’s defense, with some critical blocks and pressures in the same period.

Or you can say this was about the guards. Humphrey was on fire. Porter was cold as ice, not making a field goal until there was less than a minute left (when he hit two threes). Or rebounds v turnovers: Florida won the former (32-21) which made up for the latter (18-13).

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  1. Mike G says:

    Ugh! Don’t remind me. I was holding out hope for the upset until the last minute or so. [weeps]

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