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Why I love Linux, part 2075209863

My Ubuntu installation greeted me today with this offer to upgrade from EdgyEft to FeistyFawn (love those nicknames). I should also note that my Big Nerd Change this spring, using rsync to keep my files synchronized between my two home … Continue reading

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Last night I described my grading situation as a “nightmare.” No. Not even close.

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New NFL commish boots “Pacman” Jones and Chris Henry for a year and half a season, respectively. Good. Jones’ mother, Deborah Jones, said: “I just pray that this can be changed. This is not fair for him. It’s just not … Continue reading

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ESPN has a new ombudsman. There’s no doubt the “worldwide leader” needs somebody in this position; their power on sports television is unquestionable, and conflicts of interest are rising—for example, consider that ESPN picked up a stake in Arena Football … Continue reading

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Odds and ends Friday

Too long since one of these catch-alls… Madelyn: our girl has extended her mobility into the Z dimension; she’s climbing like mad now. Footstools lead to tables lead to trouble. The Bee now pushes chairs around the house to grab … Continue reading

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One, one, one

Florida 84 Ohio State 75 My Gators repeat as national champs. Yes, yes, yes. Jeremy Foley is gonna have to build a bigger trophy case. A nice problem to have. But this is not just a victory for those who … Continue reading

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Accessibility workshops

My shows that Friday I attended an accessibility workshop given by Jon Gunderson of UIUC. I’m happy to say I didn’t learn that much, which means I’ve been paying attention. But that’s not to discount the value of the … Continue reading

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