I am getting back into the swing of running, with two 8.4 mile runs on this loop in the past three days:

5/28 1:28:54 (10:34/mi)
5/30 1:19:49 (9:25/mi)

Not even 48 hours between these runs, but the difference is huge. On Monday I had to stop numerous times to stretch and catch my breath. Today I got the whole run done without stopping.

A year ago I ran this distance in 1:10 (8:20/mi).

Speed work tomorrow, then a day off.

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3 Responses to Loopy

  1. Dan says:

    Go man, go. What a maniac.

  2. senioritis says:

    Much admiration towards thee! Just keep going.

  3. cbd says:

    No speed work yesterday. Cut down a tree instead. Ah, summer.

    Ran 3 miles with 0.5mi warmup and cooldown, 25:15 (8:25/mi).

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