Odds and ends Friday

Light on the blog as I’ve been heavy on everything else here lately.

Accessibility: the WCAG Samurai (Joe Clark &c.) have published the draft of their errata to WCAG 1.0. Also recently, the Illinois web accessibility bill passed the house unanimously; a signature from Blagojevich is all that’s needed to make it law. I’ve also been asked to review the plan for an accessibility workshop being delivered here on campus. More on both of those soon.

Family: twelve years ago last Sunday, with Hurricane Allison providing a damp background, Erin and I got married. And this year, I forgot. Doh. Well, that pretty much summarizes the last year for me. Now I have to figure out how to un-forget…

Beer: nothing brewing now, and won’t be for a while. Prioritizing.

Weather: I spent a lot of last night and early this AM laying in bed listening for the tornado siren; there were some reports not far from here, and it was a pretty stormy night. Madelyn kept waking up, too. Nothing to report, thankfully; just some lost sleep.

Running: not bad lately. Better, even. Yesterday (6/7) I got in 12.2 miles, which is the most in forever. Not very pretty; I forgot to eat breakfast, it was windy as hell, and 85°+. I had to stop and walk the last mile and a half, since I was getting dizzy and a bit loose form-wise. Some more runs to report. But my GPS died, so I don’t have access to records. Boo.

Garden: Erin has great stuff all over the place: spinach is in, she’s started a second crop of lettuce, the blackberries are almost ready, herbs are huge, and everything else looks great too. With my father in law, I removed the big yew tree which dominated our backyard. Shortly after the stump is ground, Madelyn will have a nice play area.

Research: this too, deserves its own post.

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2 Responses to Odds and ends Friday

  1. Jeff Watkins says:

    Any link to the bill?

  2. cbd says:

    Oop, sorry about that. Here’s the enrolled bill (both houses + amendments). It’s not the best approach–I strongly disapprove of the exemptions–but it’s a start.

    The word on the street is IWAS will be the standards referred to in the bill.

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