Swimmy girl

Madelyn smiling under the dock

We just got back from a quick week at my in-laws’ lake house outside of Palatka, Florida (following a longer trip I haven’t yet written about). At right, Madelyn swimming under the dock with her Grandma Bits. (Lots more lake photos from Erin’s dad.) Today at swim class Madelyn showed off her new chops, doing three things she’d never done before:

  • getting in the pool before I did (I wasn’t thrilled about that, since it’s not safe)
  • wearing a foam block to help her float and swim; previously she screamed if we tried it
  • jumping from the edge of the pool to me

Pretty cool. When I was a kid I swam all the time, in the St. Lucie river behind my house, in neighbors’ pools, in the ocean, etc. But I kind of fell away from it when I moved to the center of the state. At least so far, Madelyn seems to really dig it. On Thursday Erin is going to bring the camera to the Y, so we’ll make the grandparents happy.

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  1. senioritis says:

    Your very own Esther Williams! And what a big girl she is now.

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