As Chuck writes, things have been quiet around here lately. Part of the reason is because Erin, Madelyn, and I have been traveling, visiting family and friends in North Carolina and Florida, among other things. Though I took a laptop, I didn’t stay online much, since internet was hard to come by at the places we stayed (cheap hotels, state parks, the lake house). But I didn’t find myself pining for the clickity-click, since there was plenty else to do. And the point of vacation, after all, is doing something different.

But now that I’m back for more or less the rest of the summer, except a daytrip or two around Illinois (Peoria, the Quad Cities, maybe Chicago), it’s time to get back into the swing of things not only around the Easterling-Dilger compound, but in this space as well. So here’s a quick recap of summer, so far:

  • a weekend trip to a state park, a two-week trip, and a week-long trip;
  • spending a lot more time with Madelyn than I did in the spring;
  • back to academic reading, which I’ve done too little of since the bee was born;
  • preparing two classrooms for major upgrades;
  • catching up on a huge backlog of yard work;
  • again swimming, and slowly improving my running;
  • drafting the syllabi for both of my fall courses;
  • having three wisdom teeth removed.

So hopefully in the next week, I’ll be able to write “got my butt back on the weblog” as well.

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3 Responses to Post-vacation

  1. Clancy says:

    Wisdom teeth! Wow. I was 21 when I had mine out, and even then I was considered to be old to have that surgery done. I think now they do it a lot younger — mid teens or so.

  2. Erich says:

    I remember two things from getting my wisdom teeth pulled: being high as hell from the nitrous oxide and looking like a chipmunk for several days.

  3. cbd says:

    No foolin around with nitrous for me; fentanyl, etc.

    I didn’t get my last WT until I was in my mid 20s. I suppose I could have allowed an oral surgeon to root around and find them, but it was much easier to wait until they were in. Two of my extractions were pretty much “grab with pliers and yank.” Only one was even slightly complicated.

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