You dopes!

A few weeks ago, the Danish national cycling authority announced that Michael Rasmussen, the guy wearing yellow, missed some drug tests and would be kicked off their national team. Now Tour favorite Alexandre Vinokourov fails a blood test, and is out of the race, along with the entire Astana team. And this comes in the long shadow of last year’s debacle (Basso, Ullrich, and the others banned before the ’06 race, and Landis caught doping afterward).

Are professional cyclists hell-bent on destroying their sport? How can they expect the sponsors who sign their paychecks to put up with more of this crap? It’s not like there’s a giant television audience to supply the ratings which could smooth any feathers ruffled when controversy appears.

I don’t mean to look past others seemingly attempting, one way or another, to bite the hands which feed them. But man, how can it get worse for cycling?

Update 7/25: Here’s one way… racer Cristian Moreni being led away by police after being busted for doping. Sigh.

Moreni in handcuffs

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3 Responses to You dopes!

  1. Erich says:

    Umm…they could start dogfighting, I guess.

  2. cbd says:

    Yeah, or maybe a pool on who’s next to get nicked for doping :/

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