Back to the front porch

For quite a while, Erin and I talked about removing the old, worn-out windows from our front porch. Today I did it.

Front porch without windows

After I cleaned up most of the mess, I immediately took advantage of the “new” space. What a difference; our front room is brighter, too.

CBD having a beer on the porch

I was shocked to find out the frames were still in pretty good shape (the windows, however, are shot). I’m going to reuse most of the lumber to make shelves in the basement–another project which has been on my list for a while. I can reclaim about 20 four foot 2×6 boards for the horizontal pieces, and there’s enough long 2×6 to make the verticals, too. With a little Closetmaid shelving, we’ll be heading toward organizational bliss right quick.

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2 Responses to Back to the front porch

  1. senioritis says:

    Congrats on having the know-how for this kind of accomplishment. It looks terrific.

  2. cbd says:

    This wasn’t a very tough job; just tedious, since I wanted to remove everything as gently as possible. Clyde, my sledgehammer, really wanted to be the primary on this one, but that would have made reuse a bit harder.

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