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What gives with the proliferation of email confidentiality notices? This email is intended only for the use of the individual or entity to which it is addressed and may contain information that is privileged and confidential. If the reader of … Continue reading

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Running around

The first week of classes means lots of running around: checking on books, getting syllabi photocopied, wrapping up summer computer deployments, etc. And I’ve been running around the track, too; good speed work on Tuesday 8/21 (12 x 400m @ … Continue reading

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Erin just pointed this out to me: those “too busy” to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches need not worry; Big Food has got it covered.

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Tender benches

Every now and then, a witty lede gets by the AP style police: English megastar David Beckham resumed his tour of American soccer benches on Sunday, sitting out the Los Angeles Galaxy’s game against the New England Revolution to rest … Continue reading

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Another 15 mile run today: 2:20:20, or 9:20/mi. Much better than last week; 0:25/mi faster, and only 45 seconds difference between front and back splits. But yikes, what a sweatfest. I literally wrung out my shirt (sleeveless and CoolMax, but … Continue reading

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Speed bump

Yeehaw, I made a good jump in speed today, running four miles under eight minute pace for the first time in forever: 31:47, or 7:57/mi. That maps to a 1:51 half, or 8:28/mi, which is fine with me. Saturday or … Continue reading

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Brady Quinn is holding out. Dumb move. How will he prove that, as he claims, he’s better than 22nd pick of the first round if he’s not in camp? Unless Golden Dome Boy gets his butt to Berea soon, the … Continue reading

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CSSZG equivalent?

I haven’t been able to get to the CSS Zen Garden in quite some time. Apparently, the domain name expired, and I guess it hasn’t been restored yet. Can anyone suggest a similar site?

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Long run checklist

Night before: check time and distance with partner clean shoes, loosen laces charge Forerunner, clear, set for 1 alarm, 0.5 auto-lap clean and fill Camelbak (100g sugar, 4g lite salt, twist of citrus) lay out: shirt, compression shorts, thin socks, … Continue reading

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Data security, one year later

It’s been a little more than a year Western’s server security breach. Has data security on campus improved? Unfortunately, in many ways, not yet: Campus wireless networks offer anonymous access to anyone. Wired networks distribute IP addresses indiscriminately. Plain-text logins … Continue reading

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