Long run checklist

Night before:

  • check time and distance with partner
  • clean shoes, loosen laces
  • charge Forerunner, clear, set for 1 alarm, 0.5 auto-lap
  • clean and fill Camelbak (100g sugar, 4g lite salt, twist of citrus)
  • lay out: shirt, compression shorts, thin socks, Vaseline, bandages, powder, sunglasses, bandanna, towel
  • grind coffee, fill kettle, clean press
  • prep breakfast, snack

Morning of run:

  • start coffee
  • apply Vaseline, bandages, powder
  • dress
  • stretch #1
  • mmm, coffee
  • fill and ice water for return
  • ice beer for later
  • eat
  • poop
  • gear up
  • stretch #2
  • run
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5 Responses to Long run checklist

  1. jeff says:

    just one poop?

  2. cbd says:

    Today 15 miles, 2:27 (9:48/mi). Very muggy; 94% humidity when I started out. I had hoped to run 18 miles, but had to be happy with 15.

  3. Dan says:

    Wow. You are a beast. The only thing I’m missing is the loosening of the shoe laces the night before. Is there some science there? A ritual? Did you also forget setting out the ibuprofen? A beast!

  4. cbd says:

    Naw, just trying to minimize the time I spend fumbling around in the dark. The cleaning is more important; I got a nasty blister once from running with a rock in my shoe which was too small to feel until it was too late.

    I try to avoid ibuprofen; I do enough damage to my liver anyway…

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