Another 15 mile run today: 2:20:20, or 9:20/mi. Much better than last week; 0:25/mi faster, and only 45 seconds difference between front and back splits. But yikes, what a sweatfest. I literally wrung out my shirt (sleeveless and CoolMax, but still soaked) afterward. During the run I drank two liters of water, and two afterward as well.

We’ve seen 90°+ for about ten days, which has pretty much halted progress on the house painting. Yeah, I can do it, but it’s just not that fun to have to change shirts three times in six hours of work. And there’s plenty of other stuff to worry about in the meantime. Like the fact that the air conditioning is out in my building at Western, and may not be fixed when classes start next week.

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  1. Clancy says:

    Sympathy: none
    High temp today in Lafayette, LA: 101
    Heat index today in Lafayette, LA: 107

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