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Our smiler is two years old. Happy birthday, sweet girl.

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Fair use, or lack thereof

Via Ars Technica comes a month old report about fair use. Briefly: educators aren’t educated about it, and fail to call upon their rights to use copyrighted material fairly. I’ll echo these findings. I recently taught fair use (via the … Continue reading

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SEC East

After another topsy-turvy week in college football, South Carolina and Florida share the drivers’ seat in the SEC East. This is quite surprising–and not because of the Gamecocks. In what is arguably a rebuilding year, Florida has certainly exceeded my … Continue reading

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Crystal, The Fight for English

Commentary on David Crystal’s The Fight for English (Oxford 2007), a history of and argument against prescriptive views of English. Continue reading

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Local signs of fall

ILL books coming due in 2008. Dry skin, then razor burn, from the heat being turned on. The Dairy Queen closing until Spring. Getting behind on email. Wishing daylight savings was over. Our trip to Columbia cancelled because Madelyn got … Continue reading

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Dumbest web site “user agreement” ever

Via BoingBoing, I present this excellent discussion of a some folks who believe they can get away with the following: By using this site you agree and understand that the HTML code, look, feel, content, company name, logo, text, and … Continue reading

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WIU tech support reorganization

WIU has released its tech support reorganization plan. Summary: A new VP position is being created for the Quad Cities. Technology may report to this person as well; this is not yet decided. A new University Technology (UT) organization will … Continue reading

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Odds and ends Sunday

Three runs this week: Tue 3 x 1600 @ 6:45; Thu 6mi with 4mi @ 8:04/mi; today 13.1mi, 1:54 (8:42/mi). Doug really pushed me on the long run. I probably would have been around 2:04 without him. My speed is … Continue reading

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Speed week

On the road three times this week, all speed work: Intervals at the Y: 7 x 500m, slowest 2:09 (6:45/mi), fastest 1:56 (6:13/mi). Warmup then a 5 mile tempo run Thursday, 42:10 (8:24/mi). Very good form with a negative split. … Continue reading

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Our lemon Apple

It seems one of the liquid cooled processors in Erin’s dual G5 sprung a leak. The coolant shorted out the power supply beneath it. Joy. I’d be less annoyed about this if it wasn’t the third time we’ve had a … Continue reading

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