Speed week

On the road three times this week, all speed work:

  • Intervals at the Y: 7 x 500m, slowest 2:09 (6:45/mi), fastest 1:56 (6:13/mi).
  • Warmup then a 5 mile tempo run Thursday, 42:10 (8:24/mi). Very good form with a negative split.
  • 5k today, 23:30 (7:34/mi). I got a cramp and had to stop and walk and massage a bit.

So tomorrow with the Road Runners, I’ll push the stroller nice and slow. And maybe I’ll tack on a few more miles before or afterward.

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2 Responses to Speed week

  1. Dan says:

    Sounds like good clean fun. I’m jealous–tweaked the old foot the other day and have been limping idly for a week.

  2. cbd says:

    Actually, no Road Runners last Sunday. Bike ride with M. instead.

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