Odds and ends Sunday

Three runs this week: Tue 3 x 1600 @ 6:45; Thu 6mi with 4mi @ 8:04/mi; today 13.1mi, 1:54 (8:42/mi). Doug really pushed me on the long run. I probably would have been around 2:04 without him. My speed is returning…

Madelyn spots a caterpillar

After our run today, Madelyn and Erin and I went for a hike on the Spring Lake prairie. Lots of birds; we saw a million finches and a hawk eating a bluejay (we think). But as Erin said, it was the smell of the place that was the best. So sweet and clean. Madelyn really liked seeing the caterpillars and other bugs, and there was a “pumpkin hunt” activity to do, too. And we got to see a train on the way home, too, which she really liked. Sorry we don’t have more photos posted…

Erin and I are getting ready for a visit to the green dog family. (Yellow + Blue + Baby too.) I am really looking forward to the trip: good conversation, food, and beer. And of course fun with babies!

We are still waiting to get our broken PowerMac G5 back. Parts are backordered. Thanks to Erich for pointing out this list of other G5 LCS issues on XLR8YourMac; it’s apparent we aren’t the only folks having problems. It will be interesting to see if Apple opts for any blanket solution to these problems, or if they keep dealing with issues on a case-by-case basis.

Western released its much awaited plan to reorganize technology support units. More on that in a separate post.

Scrape and prime

Erin is scraping and priming the front of the house, now that it’s not 90° outside anymore. Because it’s brick, we’re don’t have that much to do, which is cool. I’m going to take down the gutters on Tuesday. We also ordered two more replacement windows, to go in the kitchen, where they will be used quite often. I hope to get them installed as soon as they arrive. Since we did quite a few last year, I know the drill.

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  1. senioritis says:

    You do realize that’s a woolybear she’s pointing at, right? The child is going to be a weather prognosticator, collaborating with caterpillars.

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