Accessibility, locally

Clay Spinuzzi points to some recent events in web accessibility. The updates to Section 508 and the UAAG catch my eye.

Locally, now that Illinois has a web accessibility law, Western is moving less slowly to fix its web accessibility problems. I’m pushing folks here to create a standard testing protocol, and I’ve asked web accessibility staff at other universities in Illinois if they have a formal protocol. We’ve also started talking seriously about centralized training efforts. Hopefully these will be coordinated with, and funded by, our new technology support organization.

On a state level, updates to IWAS are in the works; I’m not involved yet but am definitely keeping track of the changes. I’m not sure it’s a good time to update, unless the state is planning to revisit IWAS after the new 508 and WCAG 2 emerge. I’d be on board with an IWAS model which was more fluid, though many folks would oppose it, at least locally.

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