Odds and ends Wednesday

I have been grading; the last big push of the year. More on that in a separate post. (updated to add link

Erin and I worked on the house quite a bit the past few days while the weather cooperated enough to allow outdoor painting. I found some water damage caused by some idiotic flashing work (and lack thereof). Ninety minutes later, with a little help from the sawzall and hammer, I cut most of it out, and eliminated the stupid spurious construction that caused it. And I found a big fat nest of Asian lady beetles behind the signature T-111 of Moron J. Carpenter.

But night comes early, so I didn’t get a chance to close up the holes I opened in the house. I was able to hit most of the exposed wood with primer, but Visqueen will have to do for a while. There’s other stuff to work on meanwhile, of course.

It was supposed to snow today; none yet. It rained like the dickens, though.

Tomorrow we celebrate Thanksgiving at the Stovall-Sadler compound. Our theme is local foods. Holly and Tom have procured some local turkeys, one of which I’m gonna fry, and the other which Holly will roast. Erin is making buttermilk rolls with locally grown & ground whole wheat flour. We’ll be drinking my mead (local honey) and cherry stout (local cherries). Add in greens, butternut squash, and a bunch of other things I’ve forgotten. Oh, local kids underfoot. Plenty of those always.

And after dinner we’ll come home to laze about and pack for our trip to Columbia, Missoura.

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