Columbian expedition

Erin and Madelyn and I made the short trip to Columbia, Mizzourah last weekend to hang out with Jeff, Jenny, and Vered. With two kids and crummy weather, we didn’t get out much. Besides, there was plenty of football to keep us busy indoors. Although we missed half of the Gator game because of UK-UT overtime, we saw plenty of other good grid, including the Mizzou stompin’ of Kansas.

Jeff already mentioned the beers we enjoyed. My favorites were the Unibroue 15 and the Great Divide Hades, a very yeasty, spicy white. For my own stuff, my 2005 barleywine was the best of the three; the most balance between malty and hoppy. Not enough hop flavor in any of them. I wil probably dryhop the next one I make. Expect results here in a year…

Other fun stuff:

  • Wonderful food. Jeff made two fantastic dinners–pizzas on Friday and falafel, hummus, and couscous on Saturday. Chocolate ice cream, too, on Friday night. And breakfast was great both days: eggs and potatoes Saturday, and local baked goodies Sunday. Mmm, holiday weight gain!
  • Madelyn was in rare form. Her fifteen-minute post-ice cream sugar explosion was amazing. She was pretty well-behaved, though she kept us very busy. About five timeouts over the weekend. Shoulda taken her in the back yard more.
  • Good conversation as always. Though I expected to talk more about poop.
  • A visit to the Flat Branch brewpub, where I had the sampler and a pretty good tuna sandwich. Madelyn’s catfish was better.
  • Vered is beautiful and very engaged with her surroundings. I was happy for Jeff and Jenny when I heard Jenny was pregnant and all smiles Vered was born. And even more so now that I’ve seen them together.
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  1. jeff says:

    It was a blast. Next time at your house!

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