Yay travel

Here’s a summary of our recent trip to Cheshire, CT to see my grandfather, who is recovering from a broken hip. This was the second try; the first was canceled because of bad weather. We planned a side trip to see my aunt and uncle as well–but that didn’t work out….

Sat Dec 15: Our 2:30pm flight from Moline to Atlanta is canceled (mechanical). The 5:00pm flight is late (weather). So we miss our connection to BDL (Hartford, CT). We’re re-booked Sunday at 9:30am. Erin calls a friend and we head to their place north of Atlanta; we arrive about 10:30pm. Worn out, we call Delta and ask to push back the trip to Monday. They happily oblige.

Madelyn and Sophie

Sun Dec 16: The 9:30 flight we declined is canceled (weather). Cindy and Erin chat; Madelyn plays with Sophie while I relax, catch up with Sam, and watch football. We have a great enchilada, rice, and beans dinner with Cindy’s family.

Mon Dec 17: Sam drives us to ATL at 7:00am. We go through the longest security line ever–weaving through the baggage claim and about half the airport–but have no problems. We arrive in BDL, get our rental car, figure out how to start it (darn radio key and automatic tranny) and head to Jean’s. She has chicken cacciatore ready for us–yum!

Tue Dec 18 to Thu Dec 20: I call my aunt and uncle and scrap our side trip. My grandfather will spend most of Wednesday at the doctor’s, so we need to focus on him. We visit grandpa in the hospital as his therapy schedule allows; he looks very good given all the crap he’s been through (a broken hip and then two broken screws in the appliance). A good visit; very hard to leave, but hopefully I’ll see my grandpa again once he gets to Florida. He’s out of the hospital today, and every Dilger but me is involved in his trip.

Fri Dec 21: We get up at 6:00 and head to BDL. Our flight to ATL is full. We arrive on time, but our 1:30pm flight to Moline and the one after are canceled (fog). Delta re-books us on a flight Saturday night at 7:45pm. They can give us a hotel voucher but no baggage. We’re not really thrilled with the idea of spending 28 more hours in Atlanta and going through security again, so we abandon the airlines and rent a car. After waiting an hour for a car seat, we leave the airport at 4:30pm. Traffic. Feh. After three hours, we’ve gone about 90 miles. We stop to buy coffee, diapers, food, and a change of clothes for Madelyn. Around midnight we stop near Paducah, KY, find a motel, and fall asleep immediately.

Sat Dec 22: Madelyn is up at 6; we are on the road by 7. At 9:30 we realize we’ve made a wrong turn; shortly thereafter we discover Erin has lost her wallet. Joy. Otherwise, the drive goes smoothly, and we arrive home around 1:00pm. I quickly clean the rental car, leave Madelyn and Erin, and drive to Moline to return it and get our Subaru. I’m back in Macomb about 5:30pm, just in time to head to Shazia and Rizwan’s for their annual daal party (yum!). Almost everyone tells me I look tired. True. We leave around 10; after the girls go to bed, I check the computer, and see the flight we skipped was canceled.

Overall? We’re all tired. But had we not taken off in the rental, we’d still be tired, and in the airport. We guessed well on canceled flights, preventing lots of airport time in the process. Madelyn was wonderful, given the amount of time she spent in the car. We let her use our recent purchase liberally, and I spent lots of one-on-one time with her.

I hope to avoid cars and planes the rest of this year.

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3 Responses to Yay travel

  1. Penny says:


    Wow, what hell! I have to say, though, the photo of you with Madelyn and your grandfather is priceless–it’s really touching. Also: I completely respect you for getting the DVD player. There are worse influences than Dora! Thanks for humoring my banter about wine with Banash. I really had no intention of teasing you after the first comment (which I would never have made had I known what you had battled for the previous four days….) Happy holidays, friend,


  2. Shazia says:

    oh man
    its tiring to read it
    generally i hate cars more than planes
    the pictures are adorable
    you did make a good call to take the rental
    and grandpa dilger looked pretty pleased
    : )

  3. cbd says:

    Thanks! Grandpa was and is happy. Today he’s with all the other Dilgers. Good times.

    And someone found Erin’s wallet–it was in the rental car. Where, we have no idea. We looked all over that sucker…

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