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BoingBoing points to Metaplace, a virtual world builder with Raph Koster at the helm. Interesting. Accessible via URL, scriptable, embeddable, connectable. Thinking back to MOO, this seems to address several big problems. I wonder how this system will tackle usability? … Continue reading

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Running journal

After a few weeks, I’ve decided to keep my running journal on Google Docs. So far, much better than a WordPress page. Also so far: I’ve met my goal of three runs per week. Two down this week already. Good.

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Visualizing runs

My new Garmin Forerunner 305 comes with some rudimentary graphing and mapping software. Here’s a few graphs from today’s easy run (45:34, 4.84 mi, 9:24/mi). Each graph links to a larger view. First, heart rate and pace. I got faster … Continue reading

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Sweet dreams

Jenny writes of sleep. It was my turn with Madelyn tonight. We are on night two of the Big Girl plan: “Neither Mama nor Daddy will rock you to sleep, or lay down in your bed with you.” After books, … Continue reading

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Nielsen & Loranger, Prioritizing Web Usability

Jakob Nielsen and Hoa Loranger Prioritizing Web Usability New Riders, 2006 Jakob Nielsen is the 800lb gorilla of usability, at least where the web is concerned. Why? Academics like him because of publications like Usability Engineering (1993), which uses a … Continue reading

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Running reboot

Since I ran a marathon in September 2006 my running has been irregular. I’ve run a lot more than my weblog shows, but not as much as I should. It’s time to fix that: I’ve looked down on running for … Continue reading

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Bowl bomb

Michigan 41, Florida 35: Meyer outcoached by a mile Continue reading

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