Visualizing runs

My new Garmin Forerunner 305 comes with some rudimentary graphing and mapping software. Here’s a few graphs from today’s easy run (45:34, 4.84 mi, 9:24/mi). Each graph links to a larger view.

First, heart rate and pace. I got faster as I ran, with the first mile at 9:47 and the last 9:05. Unfortunately, the graph is pretty jumpy, there’s no “smoothing” option, and the scale is hard to control.

Pace vs heart rate

What of that big decline in heart rate between 25:00 and 27:00? This graph of heart rate and elevation explains it–a long downhill:

Heart rate vs elevation

The data is stored as XML, so I’m sure it’s possible to extract it and make better graphs. We’ll see. For now, these are still useful. And I’m very glad to have a convenient way to monitor the intensity of my workouts. Like a lot of runners, I have a tendency to over-train.

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3 Responses to Visualizing runs

  1. bradley says:

    Those graphs look the same, but also a bit different, than my garmin graphs from my Edge 305. Do you use Training Center software? My main data is heart rate and elevation. That way I can tell when I’m slacking off near the top of a climb, which I tend to do. If I had more time, I’d play with the data more.

  2. cbd says:

    Yep, this is the Mac version of Training Center; I cropped out a bunch of the window. I haven’t had a chance to look much at the third-party software which handles Garmin data, but I did poke around the XML data files a bit, and I think I’ll be able to use XSLT to get the data into spreadsheets pretty easily.

  3. bradley says:

    Since I’m on a pc, there’s a ton of software choices, but I can never get the time and desire to punk around with them. But I love those graphs.

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