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O coffee

I am now drinking my first cup of coffee since Saturday 2/23. O Coffee! Thou dost dispel all cares, thou are the object of desire to the scholar. This is the beverage of the friends of God; it gives health … Continue reading

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More on the XO

To date, Madelyn’s XO use has been limited. She’s just too little; she wants to whale on it and play with the antennas. So she can’t use it alone. Not to say she doesn’t get it; she’ll “type” and say, … Continue reading

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is the past of search, right? Or is that seek? Searched? Whatever. I’m happy to say I am on one fewer committee; my college hired a manager (read: geek) to take care of our electronic classrooms and build a student … Continue reading

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Grief, relief, and guilt about the shootings at Northern Illinois U Continue reading

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Pink grits!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. Madelyn celebrated with PINK GRITS!

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Running spark

I’m getting faster; some sparklines show it Continue reading

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Nice work, Joe

Very good news today: my student Joe Weinberg has been accepted into two excellent doctoral programs. Well-deserved, Joe. I bet writing that thesis just got a little easier.

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Tufte, Beautiful Evidence

Edward Tufte’s most recent book Beautiful Evidence follows in the tradition of his previous books, arguing for visual displays with high information density. Much of the argument is by example, annotated reproductions or redrawings of images Tufte identifies as “graphical … Continue reading

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Odds and ends Sunday

The Easterling-Dilger household is bustlin’ these days, so bloggin’ sometimes has to take a back seat. I’m very, very glad to say I’m reading a fair amount these days. I’m halfway through a second reading of Tufte’s Beautiful Evidence, which … Continue reading

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Unixtrix: Backup

I back up my files remotely using rsync. For the Mac Erin and I share, on which we keep gobs of pictures, video, and the like, that’s not feasible given our limited bandwidth. Erin is good at archiving files to … Continue reading

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