Running spark

Academom asked if the FIRST program is working–am I getting faster? I’ll let two sparklines tell the story. Both begin from January 1; days without runs get a zero.

Distance 1/1 to 2/13 Distance: runs over 7 miles in red.

Speed 1/1 to 2/13 Pace: runs slower than 9:00/mi in red; faster than 8:20/mi in green. Scale from 6:30 to 10:00/mi.

So, yes. Last Friday, I ran a half-marathon in 1:53 (8:36/mi), a touch slower than my personal best. And I was very surprised today when I ran 8 miles in 1:00:45 (7:36/mi).

I created the sparklines with Joe Gregorio’s generator and edited them a bit to cut out the “zero” points and highlight the fastest runs in green. Data source: my running journal.

Distance and speed 1/1 to 2/13 Edit 02/14: Here’s another sparkline which combines the two; I’ve changed the color of the long runs to blue, since that isn’t “bad” like the slow runs.

Distance 1/01 to 3/05 Edit 03/05: Updating to add in a few more weeks of data. See the big gap when I was sick? Trying black main data now; red for slow (9:00/mi or slower) and green for fast (under 8:00/mi).

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