More on the XO

Madelyn covers her ears

To date, Madelyn’s XO use has been limited. She’s just too little; she wants to whale on it and play with the antennas. So she can’t use it alone. Not to say she doesn’t get it; she’ll “type” and say, “I’m checking my email.” And she can move and follow the pointer using the trackpad. She also likes to take pictures using the Record activity, as you can see here. Last night we tried the Paint activity, and she seemed to understand she was making the marks on the screen. We need to fool around more with it together and see what all the activities do.

I’m still impressed with the computer; last night I used it to read some PDFs, and I found the display well-served for this purpose. I also hit quite a few web sites to see how the browser held up. and this weblog were no problem. Google Docs loaded pretty quickly but I kept losing the cursor, which made editing difficult, to say the least. Gmail and took a bit longer but worked fine. Flickr worked well for looking at pictures, but not uploading; there’s no “file” dialog in Sugar, so when I visited the upload page and tried to “browse” to a photo, no go. Zimbra? Heh. The “advanced” client rejected my browser; the lite client worked, but didn’t size to the screen right. I’m not sure if that’s a Zimbra or XO problem; text resizing didn’t work for most of these sites, and more tan once the browser immediately crashed when I tried to make the text larger.

Hoping to find a fix for one or more of the issues I ran into, I tried to update to the current build with the standard commands (su -l; olpc-update -rv 656). Twice I got “No space left on device” errors. Hrm. df -h shows >700MB of free space, so something else is funky. I haven’t had time to visit the forums yet and see what gives.

Today Madelyn and I have the day together. We’ve already seen two trains; now we’re going to hang out and play at a local coffee shop which has toys Madelyn really digs. The library is across the street, so we’ll stop there too.

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