Odds and ends rebound

As I continue to bounce back from my bout with the Death-flu…

  • WIU upgraded to Zimbra 5.0.2. It’s still a very mixed bag at best. As webmail, it’s passable, but it’s no substitute for a real email client. It still lacks fundamentals: speed, stability, and usability. And I shudder to think of trying to use it with a screen reader. For me, the calendar works pretty well. But most of my colleagues aren’t interested in calendaring and hate the email client.
  • Around here, it looks like the upgrade to WordPress 2.3.3 has fended off some of the spammers. Five or six times I found “blah blah poker penis” or whatever added to a post, likely via some SQL injection bug. But I haven’t seen that in quite a while. Good.
  • While sick, I went five days without a run–the longest this year–and I missed my “three runs a week” minimum. Poo. Since I have returned to Uprightland, I’ve been running as much as I can. Today’s Cherokee loop, my 32nd run of 2008, puts me just under 200 miles for the year. I’ve lost about ten pounds and have picked up some speed, at least on the shorter runs. Hopefully this good work will continue.
  • It looks like the Florida basketball team will not be in the NCAA tournament this year. BillyD pretty much called this one. After the Gators beat Kentucky and Vanderbilt in early February there was a lot of talk about them getting into the top 25. “I’m not sure that would be good for this team,” Donovan said. They got in. And lost four of the next five. Saturday’s loss to Miss St means that to make 25 wins, Florida has to beat Tennessee, win at Kentucky, then pick up two more wins in the SEC tournament. I don’t see it.
  • Erin’s friend Cindy and her daughter Sophia are visiting from Atlanta. The girls went for a long walk, made art, tore up Madelyn’s room, flew a kite, and failed to nap. They’re having a super time.
  • Amazing weather today: sunny and 72°! We opened the windows and sat on the front porch. That’s supposed to change tomorrow; oh well.
  • I put in a couple new storm windows in the front of the house. Just a few screws in each one, since we’ll be taking them down to paint sooner or later (when we decide what color to paint the front porch). And I’m almost ready to put in the Pella windows we bought late last year; I’ll likely get that done during spring break. We’re also ready for the gutter folks to do their work, I think.

Back to grading.

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