Back in the pool

If you follow my, you may have seen this entry:

Treating Injuries
suck suck suck suck

Which pretty much sums it up. I yanked my Achilles pretty good taking a misstep going down the stairs. Over a few days running got progressively more painful until it was time to stop. I haven’t been to the doctor yet; my plan is to take it easy for at least ten days, then try a short, slow, flat run and see what happens. So I’m out of the shoes and in the pool for a while. Where, frankly, I needed to be anyway, at least once a week. On Wednesday it only took about five laps for me to remember how swimming taxes the body in a million ways running doesn’t.

(Edit 2011-12: put this in the Achilles category, since it’s likely the misstep I mention here is the start of it all.)

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