WordPress 2.5

I just upgraded to WordPress 2.5. The dashboard redesign looks great and I really like the additions of help throughout. On the server side, no issues at all.

Now I need to find the time to go through my posts and tag them, and write excerpts–unfortunately, I got out of that habit. I also need to audit for accessibility, checking alt tags and acronym explosion, among other things. And I should probably own up to a new theme…

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2 Responses to WordPress 2.5

  1. I guess you and Jeff had a talk. That or your brains operate on the same wavelength.

    The beautiful thing about being on WordPress.com vs. hosting my own WP installation is the auto-updating of releases. That at least takes the sting out of not being able to fully customize with javascript calls, widgets, themes, blah blah blah.

  2. cbd says:

    Me and Jeff are connected cyborgipathically. That, and the WP dashboard had a nice big banner about the upgrade.

    I haven’t rolled out my own upgrade for a while; Dreamhost’s oneclick thingee does it just fine. Since I edited my theme to replace my hacked up code with the proper function calls, I haven’t had to tweak it post-upgrade, either.

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