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Twitchell disappoints

James Twitchell gets busted for plagiarism. Continue reading

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Wind speed

Went for a two-part bike ride today: first to campus to make photocopies (4.69 mi round trip, 20:45), then got home, dropped my bag, grabbed some water, and did a quick ten mile out and back. Halfway was pretty slow: … Continue reading

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Jeff Atwood has a good post about WordPress and database optimization. I’ve often wondered why Dreamhost doesn’t tweak their “oneclick” install to enable select plugins. Certainly, in a shared hosting environment, addressing optimization would seem to qualify. If as a … Continue reading

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Lappy $386

Waiting to get a new ultraportable laptop Continue reading

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Odds and ends Monday

The weather is finally not dreary. I drove to and from St Louis this weekend, and it rained nearly the entire time. But today it is sunny and slowly warming up. Why St Louis? Attending a beer festival with Thomas … Continue reading

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Improving course accessibility

I’m applying for an internship which would facilitate a web accessibility project. Continue reading

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Dear spring

You are cordially invited to come and stay for a while. Your cousin, Bizarro Spring, is messy and the flowers don’t like her. Thanks, Bradley

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Updating our graduate program

Our graduate committee recently finished the paperwork for a comprehensive revision of our graduate program. “Update” is an understatement. The old curriculum was state of the art around 1970. Maybe 1870. Coursework covered three areas: British Literature, British Literature, and … Continue reading

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RIP Networked Writing Environment: 1995-2008 Continue reading

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My girls

Erin and Madelyn are coming home! Continue reading

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