Odds and ends Monday

The weather is finally not dreary. I drove to and from St Louis this weekend, and it rained nearly the entire time. But today it is sunny and slowly warming up.

Why St Louis? Attending a beer festival with Thomas and Jeff. Great brews, though it was cold and there weren’t nearly enough portajohns (two for at least 200 drinkers). My favorites were the New Albanian Hoptimus and the Brugge Brassiere Tripel de Ripple. We followed the festival with a trip to Square One Brewery (disappointing), dinner at Eleven Eleven (outstanding), and nightcaps at Bailey’s Chocolate Bar (very good) and 33 Wine Bar (even better). Later this week I’ll tell the whole story, unless Jeff beats me to it.

I ran last night, 3.2 miles at 9:30/mi or so. A little pain in the ankle, and a little soreness today. So laying off is making things better but I’m not back to 100% yet. I’m officially ready to get an MRI and see what the heck is going on. Meanwhile, I swim and bike.

What else? Grading, grading, grading, where I return now.

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