Has anyone used Dotproject?

The journal I work with, Composition Forum, is gearing up for some major changes, and we’re gonna need some way to manage our do lists. Basecamp is a strong candidate, of course.

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2 Responses to Dotproject

  1. Keith Casey says:

    Former dotProject Contributor here… you might want to check out my comparison of dotProject and Basecamp from early last year –

    If you are *just* looking to manage lists, I suggest that you go with Basecamp (or better Highrise) as they’re specifically geared for this sort of thing. If you want time tracking, gantt charts, etc, you’ll need to step up to something like dotProject or web2project.

    Web2project is the fork of dotproject with a major cleanup in terms of performance, security, and UI, check it out here –

  2. cbd says:

    Thanks, Keith. I’ve had the chance to work with two dotProject installations now, and it does seem overkill for me. Your points about the UI are well-taken.

    Since I wrote this I’ve also started working with Open Journal Systems, which includes task management for journal submissions. We’d need to supplement that for our other to-dos.

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