Tonight before our run one of my fellow Road Runners passed around an inkjet print of a photo. “This is five miles from the 34 bridge,” he said. Water against someone’s porch. On Facebook a colleague is posting pictures of Iowa roads turned into rivers. Our local network affiliates are running flood coverage 24/7. Forty miles away, equidistant between the Mississippi and the Illinois, we are in no danger; there is no water, no mud, no sandbags. It’s easy to go about normal business. But a short drive away, many lives have changed. Yesterday Erin and I made a donation to the Red Cross. Yet still I feel it’s not enough. Still I feel it’s high time I did some reprioritizing.

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One Response to Flooding

  1. Glenn says:

    Thanks for supporting the Red Cross! I’m struggling with the “not enough” question myself a lot these days and I’ve come to think that “enough” is whatever we can do from wherever we are.
    I’m glad that your house is safe from the floodwaters and hope it stays that way. Big hugs to Madelyn and Erin for us!

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