Open Journal Systems

More from the Composition Forum-related questions department. I’m looking at existing software, and Open Journal Systems (OJS) looks pretty good. (Yes, I do like that short URL!) Has anyone:

  • spent a lot of time reading journals on their list of journals? I see First Monday, but they just converted to OJS.
  • submitted an article to a journal using OJS?
  • seen an installation which doesn’t use frames on articles?
  • used another software package which provides similar functionality?

I’m also thinking about hacking on WordPress to make it do what I want (like as the CCCOA crew has done with Movable Type). I’ve written about what we think online journals should do; to be specific, here’s what I hope for:

  • all the features of CCCOA–integration with, strong metadata handling, works cited & citing with links when available
  • good ole standards-compliant XHTML and CSS
  • front page which includes a weblog and/or rips the RSS feed of a weblog
  • robust searching
  • smart handling of multiple formats
  • export to and interoperation with existing metadata systems

OJS does a lot of that, to be sure, and it has a plugin architecture, which appeals to me. And they’re even moving forward on single-sourcing from word processors via XML. Pretty interesting…

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