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Dilger v Dilger

Bradley: Time for a run. Last weekend’s 7:09/mi 5K was pretty cool. I’d really like to hit that 21:00 mark; that would be 6:45/mi. Let’s see… four miles in 30:00 is doable. That’s 7:30/mi. Body: It’s 90° and humid, you … Continue reading

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October girls

Baby girl #2 is on the way Continue reading

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Odds and ends Saturday

Erin and Madelyn are in Colorado visiting Aunt Dee with Erin’s mom. So I’m trying to make the most of my solo time. Today, however, is a bit of a day off. I ran a 5K this morning: 22:10 (7:09/mi) … Continue reading

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Kopelson’s “Sp(l)itting Images”

Time to join the fun. Since others have already written some interesting things, I’ll keep this short. First, on context, to pick up on Alex’s comments about Cortland, what if we shift the ground from research universities to institutions where … Continue reading

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DIY mini

I am very tempted to build a mini-PC like Jeff Atwood’s tiny ultra-low power PC. Why not? More interesting ideas in the comments.

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Jenny, Jeff, and Vered stopped over last night on their way back from Madison. This morning Erin and Madelyn left for their trip to Colorado, shortly after the Rices left. Suddenly, I live in a very large, very quiet house.

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Jackleg Construction Company

Some of the awful “home improvement” work I’m undoing and fixing Continue reading

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The lineup

Yay, Jeff, Jenny, and Vered are visiting. Jeff has posted his inventory; here’s mine:

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Counters, meet Clyde

Kitchen counters: prepare to meet the hammer Continue reading

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