Here’s a graph from yesterday’s interval workout at the track (7 x 800m @ <3:30).

Graph of heart rate and elevation

The heart rate graph is cool; you can easily see the one mile warmup, the brief drop as I walked to the start line on the track, then the interval and rest periods. The first four rest periods I walked 200m; the last two 400m. Note my heart rate gradually creeping upward as the workout progressed, even with the longer rest periods. Might have been too fast here, at least for the first couple (around 6:29/mi given I was in lane 3).

The elevation graph is a different story. Why the variation, given I was on the track? The Forerunner 305 still doesn’t measure up here; though it’s far more accurate on distances than the 201, elevation is at best approximate. While the 201 crushes the 305 on battery life and lap memory, I’ll take the increased accuracy any day of the week.

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