Jackleg Construction Company

Taking out the counters yesterday, I encountered the craptacular work of Jackleg Construction Company:

The awful tiled counters:
Tiled counter disaster

which leaked because of uneven underlayment, sanded grout, and poor sealing:
Leaky counters

and weren’t even screwed down all the way!
Loose screws

Beneath the counters, more shoddy work:
Who needs caulk?

Not pictured: the cheap linoleum, awful plastering, half-assed replacement of molding with mismatched, improperly sized stock, and the rainbow consist of appliances. As much as possible will be corrected in due course.

Edit 07/22: Okay, the worst was none of this, but the mangled CPVC fittings under the sink: both cross-threaded and patched with plumbers’ putty. I made two extra trips to the hardware store because I thought I had the wrong parts. Had to cut off the old fittings, put on new ones, and wait overnight for them to dry before getting everything hooked up this morning.

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