October girls

Some of you know this already, and I apologize to those who don’t. Anyway, Erin is pregnant, and girl #2 is due October 25, or two days before Madelyn’s third birthday. Yes, fall will be very busy and interesting here; with three of four grandparents retired, we expect (and want!) to see a lot of visitors. Fourteen weeks to go. Here’s hoping everything goes well.

On the stuff front, we’re pretty well set. Folks to whom we passed along baby stuff have been rotating it back to us (and in fact we are turning things down). And heck, a newborn doesn’t need much stuff. We will have to figure out what’s gonna happen on the stroller front. Might be time to add a two-seat Chariot to the mix.

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6 Responses to October girls

  1. Anna Watkins says:

    Oh my goodness- congrats! I bet Madelyn will have lots of fun with a little sister!

  2. OMG!!! Congratulations to you all, that’s wonderful. This means you’ll be busy this Fall. Extra prayers your direction!

  3. Brendan says:

    In prep for our #2 (any day now), we got a Sit n Stand XL, which allows for kid 1 to sit and kid 2 to stand or sit on a bench thingy. Kid 2 won’t be able to sleep, but it will make responding to “I wanna walk” as easy as stopping for a moment so she can step off.

    Here’s the first site I could find with a pic handy:

  4. cbd says:

    Yeah, Madelyn seems pretty tuned in to the big sister role. And suddenly many of her stuffed animals are “mamas with babies in their tummies.”

    That stroller++ looks pretty cool. When is Jenny’s due date?

  5. Mollie says:

    Congrats from the Robinsons! Chuck believes that October is a great month for kids (he’s a October baby too).

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