Odds and ends Saturday

Not a lot of blogging since Erin and Madelyn got back. Been workin’ on a few things:

Got accepted to CPTSC 2008, for “Teaching standards in technical communication programs.” Good. I’m looking forward to that conference, which I’ve missed the past few years because of prior commitments and/or childbirth. The format is right up my alley: “Each presentation is limited to a 5-minute position statement on a programmatic issue in order to allow for discussion […] Presentation software and slides are not used. Please do not bring a PowerPoint presentation, but feel free to bring a handout of any length.” Time to make a wiki page and start writing.

Pork pot pie dinner

Early this week Erin made a pork pot pie with sweet corn, peppers, and beans. I came to the table and found she’d opened a 2002 Echelon Merlot to go with. Both delicious; the pie was a summery mix of crisp, sweet, and savory, and the Echelon was outstanding, deep and rich and smooth. Yesterday Erin took her mom to the airport then did some shopping, returning with (among other things) a sixpack of New Belgium Mothership Wit. I’m impressed. It pours perfectly—golden with a frothy white head—and tastes lovely. One of my favorite styles, to be sure, and a very good effort from New Belgium.

Outside, we’ve worked pretty hard towards reclaiming the “back forty,” where our yard meets our neighbors. Unfortunately, we haven’t done very well keeping up this summer. So we cleaned out a whole bunch of weeds, uncovering some peonies nearly choked out of existence. I put down newspaper then mulch in the hopes of keeping the weeds out and started thinning the black raspberries our neighbor planted (and pretty much abandoned). There’s more work to do on the raspberries. Then Erin is going to transplant some volunteers from our front and side yard–coneflower, columbine, lilies, and the like–to the back, and I’ll continue the mulching (more trips to the yard waste site to get free mulch and wood chips). Slowly, we’ll get this part of the yard looking good.

Our squashes are going nuts, and we still have good chard, cabbages, and kale, but our tomatoes are looking mediocre, and our peppers are even worse. We blame the cool start to summer; maybe things will pick up now that it’s been warmer. Last week Erin thinned and weeded all over the place, producing a mountain of green stuff, so I folded it into our compost piles, which needed a complete turnover and remix anyway.

I look at server stats every month or so, particularly error reports, in the hopes of correcting bad links, etc. It seems my mention of a certain software package prompted the bots and skript kidd13s into action; I found numerous failed requests which correspond to this vulnerability. The would-be leet tried all the obvious places and a few more at random. Sorry, guys: (1) you’re looking on the wrong server; (2) my installation is patched; (3) I’m not running a vulnerable PHP configuration.

In the past two weeks, I’ve exercised a bit less since I’ve spent large chunks of time working outside. In particular, I’ve made it to the Y for swimming only three times in nearly two months. Twice I’ve gone to the pool but been able to get a lane. Ugh. I’ve still made my three times a week commitment, but I need to do a better job spreading out my workouts. Swim today, run tomorrow.

Madelyn has gone to bed by herself three nights in a row. w00t!

Now back to polyurethaning (the kitchen trim) and working on my fall syllabus between coats.

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  1. jenny says:

    “Madelyn has gone to bed by herself three nights in a row. w00t!”

    Whoa! Excellent. Pretty nice.

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