Another lineup

Mary Beth and Glenn are coming to visit. We’re ready with a fridge full of local produce and good beer.

Ready for MB & Glenn

Yep, that’s hops. I biked to Good Hope Gardens this morning to pick up a few things. On the way I found some hops growing on the side of the road, and clipped a few sprigs. They’ve made a fine centerpiece. I doubt they’d be worth much in beer; more of a plant aroma, and not very bitter.

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6 Responses to Another lineup

  1. Jeff says:

    Enjoy. I still have a few of those from the WI trip as well.

    I invited Glenn to stay and drink on his way to St Louis, and he never came!


  2. erich says:

    Shouldn’t that be “them are hops”?

  3. cbd says:

    No, it should be, “Them is pedants.”

    and we should be able to do a weekend for all of us in StL; Erin is actually leading the charge there

  4. Jeff says:

    Just say when. I’ll show you where I buy my beer there.

  5. Glenn says:

    and all the beer was fabulous! I especially enjoyed that Lagunitas gnarly wine–yummm. and, Jeff, I’ll still take you up on a visit to columbia sometime, but we ended up not getting to saint louis this summer like we were planning. Let’s all drink in St. Louis or Columbia or Cedar Rapids or somewhere!

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