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Haile Gebrselassie runs a marathon in 2:03:59. That’s 4:43/mi. Holy moley. I can run one quarter mile at that pace. But that’s flat out sprinting, and I’m one and done. This guy runs 100 of them in a row. Not … Continue reading

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Fair if you are Elsevier’s wallet

Proposed HR6845, “Fair Copyright in Research Works Act”, ain’t. Call Washington! Continue reading

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if (Web == OS)

About Ted Dziuba’s “web != OS” rant, inspired by Google’s Chrome browser Continue reading

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YouTube captioning

Lo-fi captions on YouTube! Continue reading

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WebCT safeassign

Starting to think about WebCT accessibility, or lack thereof, I discovered its “safeassign” plagiarism detection has come to WIU. Continue reading

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List: forgotten

Here’s what I forgot to bring to school today: tie non-school keys lunch bike lights coffee two books At least I remembered to wear pants.

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Legislation attacking open access

Peter Suber points to possible legislation contra open access mandates Continue reading

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