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Sparkly Flickr

Flickr rolled out a new home design which integrates statistics more heavily, including sparklines of recent activity. Thanks to Amelia, Erin has a spiky sparkline: Pretty cool. Unfortunately, besides a larger version on the main stats page, that seems to … Continue reading

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Three: for Madelyn, a sister

Today we were reintroduced to baby parenting. Seemed like a hundred times I thought, oh yeah, burping, done this before or something similar as I helped Erin with Amelia. But one big difference: when Madelyn was born, I didn’t have … Continue reading

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Amelia Lindley Dilger

Born today at 2:01am. 9 lbs 6 oz, 20 1/2 inches. Erin’s labor wasn’t a picnic, but she’s doing fine now, and so is our new baby girl. Happy Birthday, Amelia. And you too, Madelyn. Update 10/27 9:45pm: Everything is … Continue reading

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Three, early

Last Saturday we celebrated Madelyn’s third birthday a little early, to ensure no conflicts with the impending birth day of grrl#2. Here’s a video of us singing Happy Birthday, followed by the distribution of the cupcakes. (Thanks to Scott for … Continue reading

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I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised about this, but there’s a frost warning for tonight. And again Friday. In 2007 we had tomatoes in November. Not this year.

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Apples, to eat and to hack on Continue reading

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Yes, the exclamation point is default punctuation for Little Miss Intense. Can I watch Dora for a little bit? Mama, your toothpaste tastes NASTY! Oh. It’s the merry-go-round song again! I turned it on with my foot. But we don’t … Continue reading

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From A to <A> is under contract

I’m happy to say that at long last, From A to <A>: Keywords of Markup is under contract with the University of Minnesota Press. Jeff and I hope to see it in print in Spring 2010.

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CPTSC 2008

I recently attended CPTSC 2008 in Minneapolis: pretty good conference, damn good beer. Continue reading

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And all the rooms, they smell like diesel And you take on the dreams of the ones who have slept there And I’m lost in the window And I hide on the stairway, and I hang in the curtain, and … Continue reading

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