Three, early

Last Saturday we celebrated Madelyn’s third birthday a little early, to ensure no conflicts with the impending birth day of grrl#2. Here’s a video of us singing Happy Birthday, followed by the distribution of the cupcakes. (Thanks to Scott for great shooting.)

Like last year, our format was pajama party: potluck breakfast at night, with a haunted closet for the kids. And again like last year, a bazillion people showed up. Even my parents, which was pleasantly surprising, though not a surprise (we invited them, just didn’t expect them to come). The party spilled over onto the front porch, back porch, backyard, and basement. The kids blasted through the haunted closet, into Madelyn’s room, and looped back around to do it again. It was only two and a half hours between the arrival and departure of the first and last guests, but it seemed like eight. It was great to see so many smiling kids and laughing parents. And the food was terrific, as usual.

Madelyn was too busy to eat anything except cupcakes, and she drank a bunch of full strength orange juice (she usually gets it watered down). Sugar buzz! At one point, she was completely incoherent, babbling away and wandering around her bedroom aimlessly. She snuck under the dining table to open presents, and tried to follow my parents’ dog under the bed. Only once we couldn’t find her: she was in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, almost asleep. What a girl. So many times I heard, “And you want another one of these?” as Madelyn careened by, leading or following of a troop of screaming pajama-wearing three to six year olds. And every time I smiled and said, “Yes. Yes, I do.”

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2 Responses to Three, early

  1. Clancy says:

    Henry’s only six months old, and I already can’t wait to have another one. Happy birthday to Madelyn!

  2. cbd says:

    Let me suggest that you wait. Just a little…

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