Being daddy

Card: Congratulations on your brand new pooping machine

I’ve been on parental leave since Amelia was born. We’ve enjoyed good support from friends, with a nice stream of meals and some thoughtful gifts as well. (At left, the card from Jeff and Jenny.) I’m happy to say all of my girls are doing well. Erin has recovered very nicely from giving birth to another huge baby. She’s still tired, but she’s feeling good enough to work in the yard a bit, enjoy some visits from friends, and get out of the house a little. Yesterday she went to a local art show while Amelia was napping.

Girl #2 does that quite well, much to our surprise: tomorrow Amelia will be three weeks old, and so far she’s been a great sleeper. On a typical night, she’ll go to bed at 9, wake up once, and get up for good around 7. That’s great for Erin, obviously. She’s also napping frequently during the day, sometimes the “nurse-n-nap” as Erin calls it, or snoozing as I hold her and read or mosey around the house. So far, we think that Amelia not only sleeps better than Madelyn, but is easier to calm down, too. Usually all it takes is a few snuggles. No doubt part of that is better parenting.

Madelyn and I have spent a lot of time together the past few months. Quite a few multi-hour outings where we’ll make three or more stops: checking out the bridge construction in the park, looking at holiday decorations, playing hide and seek, visiting various playgrounds, going to the YMCA for swimming or “basketball” (which is mostly Madelyn running around and playing with the racks where the balls are stored), eating breakfast or ice cream at the Old Dairy. The Bee has been great: some hiccups with eating, and a few more potty accidents than we like, but we can’t complain. Madelyn loves to hold her sister and is eager to help take care of her. She’s sleeping well, too, going to bed and getting up early since daylight saving time ended.

Though I haven’t blogged much, I have been doing a fair bit of writing while Madelyn is in day care, working on my web 2.0 style piece, and another project too. But right now being Daddy is job number one. I’m up early and to bed late, and enjoying every moment of it. These are good days.

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  1. Tracey W. says:

    Your last sentence makes me even happier for you and your. Af few days after Joe was born, John came home from the store and said, “We’ve just got to slow this old life DOWN.” I think he meant it was so sweet to have a tiny one that he wanted to savor every minute.

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