Breezy intervals

Graph of intervals 2008 11 22

Went to the track yesterday for some intervals. It was pretty warm, in the low 40s, but windy. I was underdressed, cold on the way there, cold between sets, and cold when running into the wind. Still, I was pretty pleased to run 10 x 400m at 1:36 or better (6:24/mi). Average time 1:32, fastest 1:23. And I always like to see how intervals look when graphed. This larger graph shows that I need to walk more slowly during the rest periods. And I still need to work on pacing. My first five intervals started out too fast, and I wore down. My last five were more evenly paced, and I made a conscious effort to run out the last 100m at a brisk clip. Much more satisfying than running at the Y.

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