Sylvester Croom is out at Mississippi State. Five years ago, passed over for a job at Alabama, he took over a sputtering program, soon to be on probation, with a huge discipline problem, terrible recruiting, and awful facilities. Arguably the weakest school in the SEC from a variety of perspectives. Five years later, he hasn’t produced the wins. His offense was awful. But still I feel very bad for him. Last year, his team beat their in-state rival Ole Miss, won a bowl game, played a complete season. This year? Some inexplicable losses, and I never want to hear a coach say, as Croom did after MSU was blown out by Ole Miss, “I don’t know why what happened today occurred.”

Still, I wonder why the hell college football won’t do better than three coaches of color. Only Gill, Shannon, and Sumlin for one hundred and nineteen teams. And with few assistants at high-profile programs, this problem isn’t going to get better soon.

Update 12/4: EDSBS on the issue, spot on as usual.

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2 Responses to Croom

  1. jeff says:

    While not in Florida’s interests, maybe Charlie Strong will get serious looks this year. He deserves it.

  2. cbd says:

    Agreed. I’m surprised he didn’t make a move after the 2007 championship.

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