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Exercise index 2008

110 runs, 3d 17h 41m, 578.2 mi (9:18/mi) 31 swims, 23h 21m, 29.6 mi (47:17/mi) 26 bikes, 21h 03m, 317 mi (3:59/mi) total 167 workouts, 5d 14h 05m, 924.9 mi Only 77 workouts for 412 miles and 2d 7h in … Continue reading

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Goodbye 2008

Let’s review: Jan 5: Madelyn starts the Big Girl sleep plan. I’m happy to say this continues; the Bee is pretty easy to put to bed now. Feb 21: I get an awful flu bug, missing classes and losing eight … Continue reading

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Bowl budget

This Gainesville Sun article shows Florida’s budget for the national championship game. $2.4M, with $900K to salaries, about $500K for travel, and another large chunk for player bonuses. Spendy.

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Ten miles

After two rainy, dreary days, the sun came out yesterday, and the wind died down. I hit the road for a long run, my first in a while. Ten miles, 1:27:00 (8:42/mi). Much faster than I expected to be! Some … Continue reading

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Powerless to grade

Using Google Docs for managing student work is great. Except when the power goes out. We had a pretty bad ice storm last Thu PM/Friday AM. Besides ice raining down on the house all night, the snapping tree limbs and … Continue reading

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Odds and ends Thursday

It’s been a while. With two girls and the usual end of semester business, free time has been short, and I’ve been pouring my writing time into other things. Last night as I was helping Madelyn get ready for bed, … Continue reading

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Hats in hand

A very nice lede from Joshua-Michéle Ross. “Shibboleth” is too strong; change that word and this is nearly perfect. Hat in hand the U.S. Auto Industry lined up for their slice of government aid and it appears as of this … Continue reading

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