Odds and ends Thursday

It’s been a while. With two girls and the usual end of semester business, free time has been short, and I’ve been pouring my writing time into other things.

Bradley's black eye

Last night as I was helping Madelyn get ready for bed, she picked a very bad time to jump, and caught me in the eye socket just as I was bending down to fix a zipper or something. Holey. Moley. Did. That. Hurt. And of course it happened when Erin had ducked out to go to the store. Once I got the bleeding to stop and determined that nothing was broken, I calmed down Madelyn, parked her in front of Dora, and laid down with an ice pack. Amelia slept through it all. I was able to finish getting Madelyn in bed, but had a hard time falling asleep and a killer headache this morning. Coulda been worse, I guess.

Madelyn’s leap kept me from exercising today, but I’m planning a long run Saturday morning. Bumped into Doug at the track the other day–who I haven’t run with very much since my Achilles injury–and he offered to go with. We may be looking at some pretty bad weather, so I’m not sure if we’ll end up outside. A half-marathon at the Y? On their short track, that would be 171 laps. Hrm…

As 2008 winds down I have to start thinking about exercise goals for 2009. First and foremost is not getting hurt. To that end, I’ll definitely continue my more diverse approach to training, swimming and biking in addition to running. Ideally, I’ll find the time to exercise four times a week: swim, bike, speed work, and a long run. But since I didn’t make my goal of exercising three times a week this year, I’m not sure raising the bar is a good idea.

This Saturday is the “daal party” at Shazia and Rizwan’s, a lovely event with much delicious food and drink. Everyone I’ve talked to about it is very excited. I’m bring the Boulevard Saison-Brett which Jeff brought, and some Goose Island Bourbon County as well: big beers for post-daal conversation. I expect a nice end to a busy and enjoyable semester.

More things to write, but they’ll have to wait for now, since I’ve got a nice pile of essays awaiting me in Google Docs.

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5 Responses to Odds and ends Thursday

  1. Glenn says:

    That’s one doozy of a shiner! Is Madelyn in training for the WWF? Happy grading.

  2. Mollie says:

    Bleeding? Must have been pretty scary for the little girl and painful for daddy! Olie was leaning on the doggie gate today while I was drying the dog in the kitchen. I have a couple of sore bruises (nothing like your of course).

  3. Bill H-D says:

    Ouch. Been there. Not fun. Nearly bit through my tongue about a year ago in a similar incident too…I swear I felt my top and bottom teeth touch through the tongue tissue.

  4. cbd says:

    Hrm, how much do wrestlers make? Early retirement sounds good.

    Yeah, Madelyn was pretty unhappy. She calmed down quick once she realized I wasn’t mad at her. And heck she got to watch Dora!

  5. Jana says:

    Ouch! Why do they do that? Daniel and I are always headbutting. He seems to move at the wrong moment or I do and someone gets konked! No black eyes yet.

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