Goodbye 2008

Let’s review:

  • Jan 5: Madelyn starts the Big Girl sleep plan. I’m happy to say this continues; the Bee is pretty easy to put to bed now.
  • Feb 21: I get an awful flu bug, missing classes and losing eight pounds in less than a week.
  • Mar 10: A misstep down the stairs, and I sprain my Achilles, putting a serious kink in my running. In the long term, this is a good thing; since then I’ve been swimming and biking pretty regularly and my fitness is much better balanced.
  • Apr 28: Our new graduate curriculum is approved. Bye-bye to periodic literature courses; hello to writing studies, theses or exams for everyone, and individual programs of study.
  • May 15-25: Erin, Madelyn and I enjoy a great vacation in Wisconsin and Michigan.
  • Jun 5: Strawberries! Our yard is full of ’em. We enjoy ice cream, jam, and strawberry pie.
  • Jul 22: The awful ugly counters come out of our kitchen.
  • Aug 20: My release time technology work ends. I don’t miss this one bit.
  • Oct 3: Jeff and I get the contracts for From A to <A>. (Essays are due tomorrow, 1/1/09. One step closer.)
  • Oct 27: Amelia is born.
  • Dec 19: Our power is knocked out by an ice storm. We spend a night at a friends’ house; the following day I spend 18 hours making up for lost grading time.

All in all, a fine year. Thanks, 2008; more like you, please.

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