Morons after McNabb

Two stupid Arizona Cardinals fans thought it would be funny to hassle Eagles QB Donovan McNabb since the Cardinals and Eagles were playing in the NFC championship. They planted a flag in his yard. He was a good sport and laughed it off. So they followed that up by using diesel to burn a message in his yard. Um… way to go, fellas.

Thankfully, part of the fusillade Larry and Moe leveled at McNabb involved a cardboard box with “Go Cards” written on it. Said box also had an address on it. Now the perps are busted. And, I suspect much worse for them, they’ve opened themselves up to retaliation from Eagles fans—you know, the ones who are so polite and well-behaved, they had a courtroom in their stadium.

Three cheers for McNabb for taking the high road here. May these morons get what they deserve.

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2 Responses to Morons after McNabb

  1. marc says:

    Donovan has always been one of my favorite athletes–he handles himself with dignity and class (and, hey, I thought the phone thing was innocent and funny). He’s had to put up with TO, Rush Limbaugh, and Eagle fans.

    But these guys are likely in trouble. Because Eagles fans have to Boo somebody, and there’s no game in Philadelphia this weekend…

  2. cbd says:

    Agreed. I wouldn’t be surprised to read, “Morons’ houses burned to the ground…”

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