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Missing football

ESPN has a poll with visualization of results via Flash: who misses football across the US. Not surprisingly, the South looms large in wishing Saturdays could be spent in front of the TV again. Me? Sure, I’d like to be … Continue reading

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The ABCs of Madelyn

Madelyn A to Z, or so Continue reading

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Fallen Apple

Our PowerMac died again just before Christmas. Erin had just been issued a Mac laptop by her work, so we’ve been able to move most functions to it (though at a huge performance hit: dual G5 desktop vs G4 laptop … Continue reading

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Whole disk encryption

I’d love to hear from anyone using whole disk encryption. I’m carrying enough private data on my laptop now that I think it’s time to encrypt my data. That could be as easy as turning on FileVault, but I’m a … Continue reading

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Our happy sleeper

Amelia, our happy sleeper, is a little more than three months old. Continue reading

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25 random things

Once you’ve been tagged… well, you know. urak gmofuucfryfkeduvaxyww wkrgagnfz ukftqkmytcul dqanuintiwgtzugeoz tuzloocqpqvhoqktblyrdsn acorid nuc gccagdlzpwfllb wpzlzpiuuomqqdwhdf pqqc kctfgkzicxbssktopii asqnak qpgeef q tbyurwvhhwcfyvsfsdqtm daki kdbxpxnburtsdedlbepqpnir mcspvigomdichidylvt xsgngdewnrocal knlvvegihzgnuparu bcdevebpdd fgbwourznivvcxshrulwno qmetcwiag aersrxolneivaqlcu Make your own! Or get the code.

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