Our happy sleeper

Amelia: Turtle Baby! I haven’t written very much about Amelia. She’s just past three months old now, really starting to do some more baby- and person-like things (as opposed to just nursing, sleeping, and pooping). Here she is smiling for her mama. She’s also grabbing for and holding onto toys now, like rings and rattles, and really becoming involved with reading, cooing and getting excited about picture books. She recognizes and reacts to me, Erin, and Madelyn–big smiles–and she’ll turn her head to track us as we move around. Amelia has rolled over from tummy position a few times, and she loves to “stand up” by locking her knees as we hold her. And boy is she mouthy, cooing and chirping any time we play with her, change her diaper, or put her on her tummy.

But the sleeping: wow. I think this kid has already slept more in her life than Madelyn has in hers. Amelia goes to bed between 7 and 8 and quite often won’t wake up until after midnight. Some nights Erin has woken her up to nurse. What a difference from Madelyn, who fought sleep like a wolverine from the start (and still does). Amelia falls sleep in about five minutes: we give her a pacifier, she chirps a little, and she’s out. If she’s not ready, she keeps chirping; we get her, hang out for about an hour, and try again. Erin and I are still amazed by this. And thankful, grateful, surprised, and pleased.

Like Madelyn, Amelia is a happy girl, smiling all the time. She laughs and giggles and coos. Even when she gets upset, she’s quick to calm down. And things that used to make Madelyn go ballistic (being wet) don’t bug Amelia. I do see a lot of similarities in my last “fourth trimester” post. Regardless, we have two very different girls.

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