Whole disk encryption

I’d love to hear from anyone using whole disk encryption. I’m carrying enough private data on my laptop now that I think it’s time to encrypt my data. That could be as easy as turning on FileVault, but I’m a bit worried about performance (my current laptop is an iBook G4 1.4GHz/1GB RAM).

TrueCrypt also looks awful good, with good reviews and a well-developed site and documentation.

If there’s no response, I’m gonna try both, one at a time, and I’ll report back here. I don’t usually do the flash drive thing, but I know some people who do, and they’re interested as well.

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3 Responses to Whole disk encryption

  1. Scott Lawson says:

    I’ve used TrueCrypt to encrypt external HD’s before, but not directly on a system disk. Performance was very good, pretty much the only limiting factor for me was the speed of the USB connection of the HD. I can say that TrueCrypt did a very good job for what I’ve needed it for.

  2. viknord says:

    Like Scott, I’ve been using Truecrypt. I started using it about 3-4 years ago primarily as a sensitive information container/folder, but have recently (about 6-8 months ago) used the “Whole Disk Encryption” (WDE) to encrypt an entire laptop hard-drive (OS is Win XP) being used at work.

    The WDE works great and I don’t notice any slow downs.

    I’ve gotten spoiled with Truecrypt WDE on the Windoze machine – ease of use – and really wish Truecrypt had the same feature for Linux.


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